Each part of a car is important but the brakes are essential to the functioning of a vehicle. When you buy brakes from Car Smart, you should ensure that they are installed properly.  Properly functioning brakes are crucial to the safety of the driver and the passengers. Brakes also deteriorate […]

Stop press we now have Port-a-cots, Baby Strollers, Skies (cooler bins), Picnic Blankets, Deck Chairs, Baby Seats, Baby Capsules, Booster Seats, Satellite Navigation Systems all available when your car hire Perth. We are trying, really we are. We want to help your car rental in Perth be as easy and […]

The Bavarian producer without a doubt does no longer intend to be damned through its competitors inside the all-electric powered segment. The proof has just been unveiled on the Beijing Motor Show, the prototype BMW iX3 being an awesome evaluation of the method envisaged within the quick time period by […]

When you own a car, it’s a huge investment. Don’t let bad weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances and stock parts keep your ride from looking and performing its best. When you stock up on must-have accessories that protect or enhance your ride, your car lasts longer and maintains a high re-sale […]

Defensive driving consists of keeping your options open and allowing yourself time to react to any situation which may develop. The faster you are driving the more length of cars you will have covered by the time you react to a dangerous situation and finally come to a stop. As […]