Car Rental Options for a Mountain Vacation

Taking a mountain vacation is something that can give you unparalleled rest, rejuvenation, chances to explore, and a rugged sense of adventure. Mountain vacations can appeal to couples, singles, and families. Business groups will often sometimes coordinate a mountain retreat to host a unique convention and as a means of combining business with pleasure and relaxation.

Car rental options are important if you are considering a mountain retreat vacation. Most people will ultimately end up renting a car for half of the distance to the destination, or all of the distance to the destination. Some people will take their own vehicles and this is always an option; however, renting a vehicle will provide you with more opportunities to make the most of your mountain retreat.

Because mountain resorts, lodges, and bed and breakfast inns are typically not next door to a major airline, people do find the need for rental cars. Rental vehicles may be driven from the person’s home across country or a few hundred miles to the mountain resort, or they may be driven from the closest airport to the retreat.

Before choosing what kind of rental vehicle you will invest in for this type of trip, it is important to consider what activities you will be participating in while you are at the retreat.

In addition to considering what type of activities you will be involved in, you will also want to research the driving terrain and whether there will be any off-road driving that will be required in order to get to where you are going. If you are aware that you will be doing some off-road driving, it is important that you check the contract with the rental car company.

Some companies have exclusions where they do not allow off-pavement driving. Other companies will provide specific vehicles that can be used for this type of driving. While the cost will be higher for rental vehicles that have off-road capability, this is a common issue that you will come across when considering a mountain retreat as a vacation or business trip.

One can assume that when going on a mountain retreat, a sedan rental car may not fully meet the needs of the driver. Even when off-road driving is not required the terrain can still be high altitude, steep, rocky, and may require extra traction and other capabilities.

If you plan on boating, fishing, hunting, camping, or driving to remote hiking places, it is a good chance that you will need a truck or an SUV for your rental vehicle. Due to the gas mileage that these larger and more capable vehicles use, you might find it more efficient to drive from your home to the car rental company that is close to the mountain retreat and then trade in a rental car for a heavier duty vehicle that will meet your driving needs for the mountain retreat vacation.

 This will help you to have a more affordable and exploitative trip so you can enjoy all that the vacation has to offer without spending extra money on fuel and traveling expenses.


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