Defensive driving consists of keeping your options open and allowing yourself time to react to any situation which may develop. The faster you are driving the more length of cars you will have covered by the time you react to a dangerous situation and finally come to a stop. As […]

What is the most dangerous hazard on the road these days? Is it faulty brakes or equipment? Is it driving under the influence? Can it be debris on the road? No matter what these hazards on the road are, there are many steps that you can take to avoid them. […]

The winter is fast approaching and for most of us this means the snow is about to start falling. All the snow and ice can cause many problems for vehicles and slippery conditions on the roads. It’s a good idea before the cold weather hits to make sure your car […]

Operating a car can be an intimidating task for the inexperienced driver. With car accident and casualty statistics floating about nowadays, it can be enough to discourage anyone from driving comfortably. However, with a few guidelines and a lot of practice, even the most naive and ignorant of drivers can […]