Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Auto Sales

Your business will flourish if you find ways to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. Many salespeople base their entire selling process on three things:

– The Price

– The Vehicle

– The Dealership

So what can you do to set yourself apart from every other salesperson? Here are 20 ways to start your thinking on how to gain that competitive edge:

I Start with a positive attitude

Attitude is everything. The attitude you have the moment you wake up in the morning will determine your mental and physical status for the rest of the day. Your attitude will be a powerful tool toward your success.

I Set your standards high

If you had to create a 60 second advertisement to give to your prospect about yourself, how would you want to be represented? However it is, make sure you represent honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and always convey fair business practices.

I Become friends with your prospect

Friends buy from friends, even if they’re not good salespeople. We want to buy from people we feel comfortable with. Make friends with your prospect before you try to sell him/her a vehicle.

I be an expert

People love doing business with experts. It gives them a security they’re not likely to find with an amateur. Are you an expert in your business? Do you know everything there is to know about your vehicles, as well as your competitors? Are you up-to-date on what your manufacturer is planning in the future? If you can give your prospect information other salespeople can’t, it might give you the edge you need.

I Make your prospect fall in love with cars again

The American people used to have a love affair with their vehicles. Over the years, this love affair has vanished, and people hate the process of buying. What would happen if a salesperson gave this love affair back? Could that cause their prospect to buy from him/her?

I Write-up everyone

It doesn’t matter whether your prospect is ready to buy now, coming in for a brochure, or planning to wait six months. Write-up everyone. The more write-ups, the more sales. You’ll never know whether seeing the figures on paper will give your prospect a greater sense of urgency, and cause him/her to buy now.

I Show your prospect common courtesies

We all want to be made to feel special. When you meet a prospect, go out of your way to make your prospect feel better than they could feel at any other dealership. Open the door when they come in, pull out the chair when they sit at your desk, help them off with their coats, offer them refreshments, chit-chat about things they want to talk about.

I Be enthusiastic

When your prospect arrives at the dealership, act like you’re really glad to see him/her. Remember, your prospect took time out of the day to visit or call your dealership. Make the prospect feel like you really appreciate it. Your enthusiasm will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

I Make your prospect feel like you really care

Someone once said, “A person will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Caring shows your prospect you’re more interested in fulfilling their needs ahead of your own. In essence, you’re not there to sell them a vehicle, you’re there to help them buy one.

I be a consultant, not a salesperson

People are used to dealing with consultants more than salespeople. A lawyer consults with the client to recommend a course of action. A doctor consults with a patient and suggests a remedy. Consultants are respected much more than salespeople. Become a consultant to your prospect on purchasing a vehicle.

I Get your prospect involved

You can get your prospect involved in several ways. Ask closing questions to get them to respond with a “yes.” Have them touch the vehicle, open the doors, feel the seats. The more your prospect becomes physically and emotionally involved with your vehicle, the greater the chances for the sale.

I Get excited about your vehicle, your occupation, and your dealership

Many people in the world have to settle for a boring job, and find life to be the same. They enjoy being around individuals who have a zest for life, love their jobs, and have a bright outlook. If you give your prospect a little excitement, maybe it will be just the thing that causes them to buy from you.

I Show the prospect your testimonials

You likely have customers who love you, love your dealership, love their car. Ask for a testimonial to show your prospects. When they see other customers who are happy they bought from you, it might give them the necessary incentive to buy also.

I Introduce your prospect to your Sales Manager

Introducing your prospect to your manager is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. People like meeting the boss. It makes them feel special to know that the manager would take the time out of his/her busy schedule just to thank them for coming in. He/she may also be able to ask some strategic exiting questions that may clinch the deal.

I Tell your prospect you don’t want them to shop you

When your prospect is ready to leave the dealership, tell your prospect you don’t want them to shop around, and why. Even if they are still planning on shopping, it may show them you’re sincere about getting their business, especially if you have good reasons why they shouldn’t shop. They may just come back to buy from you.

I Give them your resume

You learn a great deal of information about your prospect, but what do they actually know about you? If you’re trying to build an equal relationship, give your prospect a resume of yourself. It will tell them who you are, and give them something to take with them as a reminder.

I Let your prospect leave with a good feeling 

Even though you didn’t get the sale right now, don’t show your discontent. Let your prospect leave with a good feeling to show that you care more for him/her as a person, than you do as a sale.


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