How to Maintain Your Brakes

Each part of a car is important but the brakes are essential to the functioning of a vehicle. When you buy brakes from Car Smart, you should ensure that they are installed properly. 

Properly functioning brakes are crucial to the safety of the driver and the passengers. Brakes also deteriorate faster than other components because of their constant use. 

Brake maintenance by a professional is important at least once a year but you can also do a lot on your own.

The following tips should help you maintain your brakes: 

Check Your Car Regularly

You should have your brake pads and rotors checked at least once a year by a professional mechanic. They are the parts that connect the brakes to the tires and suffer the most friction. 

The friction causes heat which damages the brake pads. You need to ensure that the brake pads are thick enough to offer enough resistance to brake. 

You can easily check your brake pads and rotors at home by removing your tires. If they are severely damaged, it is best to buy the highest quality of brake pads as they will benefit you in the long run. 

Check Your Brake Fluid

The brake fluid is essential to the functioning of your car’s braking system. It is the ‘messenger’ between you and your car’s braking system. 

Brake fluids not only absorb heat but also absorb water. The water is damaging to the car’s braking system and can lead to the corrosion of metal.

A great rule of thumb is to change the brake fluid every 2,500 miles. If you check your brake fluid and it looks milky, you should change your oil. 

Flush the Brake Line 

It is recommended to flush the brake line every once in a while, not only of brake fluid but also of air. When air is trapped in the braking system, it reduces its efficiency. 

To flush the brake line, you press the brake pedal while adjusting the brake valve. You can do this or ask your mechanic to do it on a brake inspection service. 

Slow Down

One of the most dangerous enemies to your car’s braking system is speed. The faster you go, the harder you brake. 

When you brake hard constantly, you quickly erode your vehicle’s braking system. It is best to maintain a comfortable pace while driving. 

Speeding will also cost you a lot of time and money. Every time you need to replace your brake pads you will be losing time and money. 

Keep the Vehicle Light

Weight is a crucial element when driving. It affects your braking system substantially. 

When you brake, your car exerts a lot of downforce on your braking system and tires. The heavier your car is; the more pressure it exerts. 

Therefore, by keeping your car light you reduce a lot of the wear and tear your braking system would otherwise suffer. 

If you do not have to carry something, leave it or have someone else carry it. If you are carrying a heavy load, slow down and your braking system will thank you.


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