How to Recycle Your Car – The Car Scrapping Process

Scrapping vehicles is a great way to recycle old cars that are no longer in a drivable condition. It helps people get rid of their old car, while also making sure that they dispose of their vehicle properly, whilst helping the environment. With that being said, you must take your time and do your research to see which company is best to help scrap your car.

Why Should You Consider Scrapping Your Car?

The reality is that scrapping your car is needed in a multitude of situations. Some of the main reasons for scrapping your car for cash is that you need money for an undriveable car.

The same thing can be said if the car is too expensive to maintain, at that point scrapping is a much better idea. You can also scrap your car if it was a part of an accident.

Moreover, the same thing can be said if it’s too expensive to own a car. If you are paying a lot on maintenance, fuel consumption and other stuff like that, it just makes a lot of sense to scrap and recycle your car, especially if you can’t sell it.

Some people also scrap their car after they fail an MOT test. Why is that? Sometimes it takes a lot more time and money to repair a car rather than getting a new one.

What Do You Need in Order to Recycle Your Car?

Prepare the Documents

You will need your ID, the V5C and the vehicle registration form. In case you misplaced the V5C, then you can go to the DVLA and they will issue a new one for you. It might take a little while for that to happen, so keep this in mind.

Prepare Your Car for Pickup

Once you have the documents ready, and you have contacted the ATF, they will come to you to take the vehicle to their scrap yard. Remember to remove any of your personal items from the vehicle.

Once the car is scrapped, you will get paid, and you will get a certificate of destruction. Go to the DVLA to report the fact that the car is not yours anymore. This completes the process, and you can focus on getting a new car. Make sure you do in fact contact the DVLA, because you may be fined upwards of £1,000 if you don’t. If for example the car was disposed of improperly, as far as the DVLA is concerned, you will still own the car, and will be held responsible. To ensure the deal remains legal, make sure you are paid in the form of a bank transfer, or cheque, from your local ATF. Do not accept a cash payment. It is important that you keep a traceable path during the car scrapping process.

As you can see, the process for scrapping your car is relatively simple.


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