Preventative and Proactive Maintenance for Vehicles

Owning a car is not only about adding new accessories to it and repainting the body and other fun auto-enhancing activities to make it look chic. You need to look deeper into the vehicle itself, make sure that everything is working perfectly so that you don’t face a sudden breakdown in the middle of the road. Also remember that the earlier you detect a problem with your car, generally the easier and cheaper it will be for you to fix it in the long run.

To help you be proactive, follow these preventative maintenance tips.

Noise and Smell

While driving or cleaning your car, if you detect a funny smell that was not there earlier, immediately track its source and treat it. It may be leakage of fuel or burning of a broken electrical circuit.

 If there is any unusual sound in the car while starting or changing gears then also you should look into the reason behind it immediately.


Look closely under the hood of the car to see if all the various lubricants and oils are working properly or not. The brake fluid and the cooling oil should be refilled at regular intervals.

Other lubricants such as the engine oil should also be working well so that the working parts of the engine remain functional. Unless the parts are well lubricated, the friction caused due to the high pressure and intensity of the vehicle will corrode the various parts of the engine and take away from its lifespan.

Brake Pads

Check the brake pads to see if there is any damage to them or id they need replaced. As with the other tasks here, seek help from a professional certified auto technician as needed.

Dirt and Paint

Don’t let your car accumulate dirt and grime over the period of use. This mixes with the oil of the vehicle and clogs essential parts and chips away at the paint causing loopholes in the insulation as well.

Unless you check your car regularly to see if everything is fine or not, you may never detect a number of seemingly minor problems which may turn into gigantic headaches in due time if they are not treated immediately. This will not only save you from unnecessary breakdowns and problems, but also will help you economize the cost of repair work.


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